Little Oranges Academy (LOA) is an international kindergarten established by educators, early childhood specialists and internet entrepreneurs. Together they have created an international learning environment with an educational approach that encourages and guides children to achieve their maximum potential.

In our schools, you will find various elements to bring our children closer to nature, such as the plants and trees. This is because, like the great educators and educational researchers of the past and present, we believe in the fundamental relationship between children’s development and the natural world. Indeed, our Montessori-inspired classrooms are learning environments where children can learn by constructing knowledge — in all areas — through games, art and other hands-on activities. And, LOA campuses and classrooms have rich outdoor areas where children interact closely with the environment. Friedrich Froebel, the German educator who developed the first Kindergarten (“Children’s Garden”) concept in the early 1800’s and whose work was greatly influenced by Maria Montessori — had also been exposed to Taoist and Buddhist teachings. From many of those lessons, Froebel found out that children are defined by their creativity and their natural learning process - benefits of connecting children with nature through play.

Now we are almost 200-years away from Froebel’s first Kindergarten. While children’s needs and creativity remain constant, the world has been changed...and LOA is on the cutting age of these changes. One significant advancement is how our kindergarten uses a unique internet assessment system that effectively captures the issues around children's growth and supports teachers as they work with their students. LOA provides a personalized monitoring program that is simple and highly effective, allowing each individual child to develop and learn naturally and at their own pace.

At present, we have two campuses in Beijing: the Tangquan Campus and the Chaoyang Joy City Campus. And we plan to expand 17-20 campuses in the next 5 years as LOA emerges into a high-end international education group. Through our consistent approach in “Teaching & Learning” and “Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) system”, we will be committed to LOA’s brand management and early childhood program.