Q & A of the LOA

Q: The staff turnover rate of the kindergartens is very high; how do the LOA kindergartens ensure the stability of the staff?

A:First, high salary and welfare guarantee construct the foundation of teachers' stability. The income and benefits of foreign teachers and Chinese teachers of LOA international kindergarten are far higher than that of the average level of the normal kindergartens.

Second, we have advanced education idea and leading Internet technology, teachers can develop rapidly and teach easily, and obtain a strong sense of satisfaction and achievement in children's quantitative growth in the environment of LOA kindergartens.

Third, we have a sound promotion channel. We have developed a teacher professional rank and management rank two-way channel. Retain excellent teachers through continuing training and development channels.

Fourth, we have a regular exchange mechanism and sharing salon for the parents, by helping parents form sound ideas of children bearing, let the parents really understand children, understand how to create a fine environment for the family through education, so as to create a better teaching environment for teachers.

Fifth, we have reached a strategic cooperation with many teachers' college, they have launched 4-year directionally-trained undergraduate programmes and 3-year directionally-trained master programmes in the ECH major for training the teachers of LOA International Kindergartens. The programmes will directionally-recruit high quality teachers of LOA International Kindergartens (They have the good teaching ideas and teaching method for the LOA)and lay a good foundation of the teaching staff of the LOA Kindergartens.

Sixth, in accordance with the regulations of the Internet companies, the Internet kindergartens will award the outstanding teachers the share option of the parent company and retain the talented people and let them work in the sense of ownership.

Q: Is the LOA kindergarten qualified?

A: In our aim, each LOA kindergarten is the regular kindergarten. After the opening of each kindergarten, we apply for the qualification of the kindergarten. Tangquan Sijiqing campus, for example, we have successfully applied the qualification and the certificate for the Sjiiqng Campus six months later after the opening.

Q: Will there be any pollution or formaldehyde in the newly decorated kindergarten?

A: As the founder of the kindergarten, Xiao Bao Mum(Ms Yang Yun)has paid a great deal of attention to the strict supervision and has repeated the instructions for several times. The Kindergarten is specially designed for her son Yang Xiaobao. Yang Xiaobao is the first child since the opening of the Tangquan Sijiqing Campus. Therefore, all the decoration materials shall be environment-friendly and high-quality.

Decoration pollution such as formaldehyde and so on, is always in the slow process of release. Sometimes the process of the release will continue for 10—20 years. Therefore if we cannot have a clear check and selection of the decorative materials and conduct strict operation in the late stage , even after the five years of running, the pollution may still cause heavy harm to the children’s health.

In the decoration stage, there is a high demand for all building materials, all the wooden products, including doors, cabinets, chairs, tables, flooring, veneer, toys and so on, are made of pure solid wood, to prevent the pollution of Medium Density Fiberboard glue. All finishes and coating materials are high environmental friendly water paint.

In addition to the importance of building materials for decoration, the management after decoration is also crucial. Before the opening of the kindergarten, we use the Japanese photocatalyst to conduct the formaldehyde purification of walls , floors, toys and teaching aids of the kindergarten for several times. We will invite the third Party to conduct the strict test and we will publish the result of the test. Only meet the air quality standards can we open the new kindergarten.

In addition, as everyone knows, the decoration of the ventilation is the most important in the kindergarten. Before the opening of the kindergarten, we not only conduct pressurization ventilation. At the same time, the kindergarten will also open the new trend air system for 24 hours, also to ensure real-time ventilation in any weather environment after the opening of the kindergarten.

Last but not least, our kindergarten has installed a large indoor air cleaning new trend system to clean the inner air within the kindergarten, to ensure that the indoor perennial PM2.5 is within the national standard.

Q: What other features do you have in kindergarten?

A: The LOA kindergartens are real "children-centred" Internet kindergartens. We use Internet technology as a tool to construct a complete 2-6-year-old children's multi development curriculum system through the construction of the 2-6-year-old children's ability development model. And through mobile Internet technology to help teachers "see" each child more accurately, gain the accurate understanding of the critical growth period of different children, and for the design of teaching environment and curriculum, to help every child become the best they can be.

LOA classroom environment based on pure Montessori model , through Internet technology we conduct more in-depth , effective and pure montessori teaching operations.

In addition to the Montessori classroom and Waldorf style outdoor environment , there are several large-scale theme activities and the whole garden outdoor teaching activities. In every month the LOA has opened the various classes of "walking class system" for free , including shape up exercise, dancing , piano, human-computer interaction thinking course.

Q: Are the LOA kindergartens safe? Is the food clean?

A: Safety and hygiene are the most basic requirements of a kindergarten. We have a series of SOP systems for safety and hygiene. In accordance with the requirements of the State Education Commission

LOA kindergarten offers diverse food, according to the national food standard of the kindergarten, the LOA offers dinner of two vegetable dishes and two meat dishes, two staple food and soup and extra meals of various food

LOA kindergarten offers two meals and two snacks everyday . If your children need supper, you may have an extra dinner table.

LOA Kindergarten offers two meals and two snacks everyday at the moment. If you need extra dinner, you may order an extra dinner table for supper.

Q: How do you evaluate the children to determine whether he or she can enter the kindergarten?

A: To the child's admission evaluation: even every child does not share the same critical period at the same age, therefore for the different children of the different children, we have a unique admission evaluation system. We will evaluate the children's types of temperament and the ability of independent living.

About parents admission assessment: we welcome like-minded parents, we need the parents who are approve of our ideas and concept of education. Therefore we hope that after attending the Exchange Symposium of LOA kindergartens they can make rational choice.

Q: After the graduation from the LOA kindergarten, what the life will be in the primary school?

A: The children will become Anglo-Sino bilingual and form a strong logic thinking ability as well as the problem-solving competence. We will let our children learn to love and gain the power to love. We believe that such children are quite competitive in any school district.

At the same time, to the children of all the kindergarten, we conduct the education ability evaluation for children at the age of 5, the ability to evaluate the maturity level of children to attend school, including visual perception, auditory perception, motion perception ability , coordination ability, conversion ability, mathematical preparation ability, social adaptation ability, language communication skills, learning quality etc. On the basis of this, we have established a young children's training class for children to make them reach the mature level of the school and help them build their learning structure quickly so as to meet the needs of the domestic education system.

Q: How do you apply for the LOA Kindergartens for your children?

A: sign up directly on the Lvchengzhijia(The home of Greencheng /LOA kindergarten) WeChat Public Accounts (search for "Lvchengzhijia" on the public account and pay attention to it), and the public account will give registration channel to you.

You can also leave the messages on the public account: "want to sign up, baby name, baby age, sex, home address, contact information", follow-up our small partners will contact you.

But LOA has a high standard of admission, and in strict accordance with this process: Online launch intention, offline exchanges, offline face-face testing, online submission of information and reservations, and so on.

Q: Does the LOA kindergarten have winter and summer vacations? What is the system for students to ask for leave?

A: For the sake of parents, the kindergarten will run for all the year around and does not have summer or winter holidays,we hope that the children will be taken good care even in the summer holidays and winter holidays. At the same time, taking into account the parents will travel with their children according to their holiday arrangement, we also set up a special month of free vacation policy, which is unique in the whole kindergarten industry, because the kindergarten should undertake 12 months of operations responsibilities and costs, but may only receive 11 months cost. Free vacation means that if you plan to have more than 3 days off and you should ask for leave one week in advance, you can count it as a free vacation by kindergarten. As the days of asking leave has accumulated to 30 days, the kindergarten will be exempted from one month's fee for the thirteenth month.

Q: how about the vacation for LOA kindergarten teacher?

A: In order to let the teacher have a good rest, and have time to learn, the kindergarten will give all the teachers annual holiday for 22 working days per year, teachers can spend the holiday in a scattered way or in a concentrated way . They can have a rest in the scattered time or go abroad for study The entire kindergarten teachers all take holiday in turns, therefore there will not be two teachers of the same holiday take holiday at the same time and the normal routine and the order of the kindergarten will not be broken

Q: What are the fees for kindergartens?

A: The LOA Kindergarten fee includes both the garden inclusive project and the optional items.

The entire kindergarten will charge items including:Childcare expenses , meals, one-time admission fees, insurance premiums, annual activities fees, etc., optional projects include shuttle fees, cost for dinner tables, extra-curricular classes.

For the required items, the following are hereby indicated:

The childcare expense is a general name of tuition, which is charged monthly. In addition to regular teaching activities, it also includes the cost of major themes activities in the entire kindergarten and outdoor teaching activities each month. It also includes a variety of classes.

Meals are also charged on a monthly basis, including two meals and two extra meals , namely, breakfast, lunch and . additional meals in the morning and in the afternoon respectively.

The one-time admission fee includes bedding and a whole set of kindergarten uniforms . In case of damage of bedding,the parents need to pay extra cost and they can buy the uniforms by themselves.

Insurance premiums are charged to all children entering thekindergarten according to the requirements of the education commission.

The annual activity fee refers to the total of various large outdoor school activities, such as graduation trip and Arts Festival, New Year Concert, large-scale outdoor games, the cost of these activities will be charged annually according to the layout of the sites and will not be charged in the mid-term