Parent engagement in education

Parent salon activities

* Parenting practice workshops & seminars

1)Parenting Practice

Do you still remember the sharing from Xiao Bao’s mother ? She gained a lot in the parenting communication program. It also helped Xiao Bao’s father to learn more about his son. At the end, she recommended to other fathers to join the parenting communication program. She believed that this course would benefit our children in life.

We always use our way to love our children but we have to know is it suitable for our children. To let more parents to change for their children, Xiao Bao’s mother invited teacher Ou Chenggong to come to Little Oranges Academy for a talk.

After the class, every parent gains a lot. It is a worth learning class. Everyone share their parenting experience.

2 )New School Bus Route

The new school bus route is confirmed. Parent Teacher Association planned for this new version of school bus route for 2 weeks.

Naomi’s mother put every students pick up points on and off nearly 40 sites marked on the map, she set the accumulated time of each route in the range of one hour. She adjusted the bus schedule again and again during the spare time of her work and business trip. Even she was in the hotel with no computer, she will use a pad of paper to plan for the bus routes. In order to allow more routes to run smoothly, Dou Dou’s mother keep communicating with all the parents although she did not know most of them.

No one asked for it, they are all volunteered, and they were all in love with their children. I saw them crawling up after sleeping with their children everyday, and staying up late to discuss how to make every bus route optimal. Every parents are full of love for the children, hoping that their children will be better back and forth.

I believe that all parents who were involved in the process of making the bus routes were deeply aware that this simple little thing is not easy. All efforts were in order to shorten children’s riding time in some way, so you can let the children get up a bit later to ensure their basic sleeping, they can come to school earlier for breakfast .

Bus routes planning is full of parents ‘love for children, it is very successful. Thanks again to the parents who have worked hard for the planning of it. You are the most lovely people.

Parents' observation sessions (Introduction of activities)

Our School Director, Lina was hosting a talk with parents in Little Oranges Academy Chaoyang Joy City Campus. With her years of international kindergarten operation and management experiences, she deeply understands the concept between Chinese and foreign education. She is the first person to proposed the educational cycle of "Observation-record-evaluation-guidance-growth" in China. Principal Lin explained the depth of Little Oranges and share how closely the use of Internet technology means to achieve a truly personalized education to children as the center of the leader, let every baby become your best.

After the sharing, she led parents for visiting the kindergarten and answer questions for them. A normal parents' meeting, but parents gained a lot from it. Thanks again to the parents who participated in the event.

Parent-child thematic activities such as,

Thanksgiving Day Activity

 Our little oranges had a grateful time with their parents on Thanksgiving Day.

Our students and teachers dressed in American Indian clothing, head dress and accessories with face painting for singing the song, "grateful heart", to express their gratitude to parents.

      See how serious they are!

Our students made their own American Indian headdress and thanksgiving cards. They exchanged thanksgiving cards to friends, teachers and parents for expressing their love and gratitude to each other.

Students played games with their parents for celebrating Thanksgiving.

 Thank you for the laughter of our little oranges, thank you for the feast of our parents, and thank you for the preparation of our teachers. Let's enjoy the delicious food together on Thanksgiving Day!

2) The concert of love and beauty(Public number article)

Let us feel the love and hope!

2017 is coming. It's a moment of laughter and expectation. This is the big day of "love and hope Music Concert"!

This is the first time for our little oranges performing on the stage under the guidance of their parents and the support of their teachers.

From the beginning of rehearsing, our little oranges practice and practice every day. Their teachers and their parents are so happy that they did a good job at the end. The concert was finally started at the end of the year.

Let's come to feel love and hope

In the early morning, little oranges, their parents and their teachers were all preparing for it.

A minute and a second passed quickly. When the moment was really coming, we were so excited for the show.

Our little host is on the stage.

Handsome little gentleman and beautiful and graceful little lady...

It captivated our parents’ heart~

The concert is ready!

WOW! Pretty mom!

Blue blue sky, blue blue sky, how beautiful the language is .

Hold my hand. I'm the baby of my mother.

The warm words are filled with the love of mother and baby.

Thank you for our beautiful mother.

To pull out the radish, pull out the radish, pull out oh...

Guess what is the next program?

 Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

How I wonder what you are!

The old grandparents who were imitated by the teacher. It were so funny.

Little oranges was pretending the animals...They are adorable!! Twinkle, twinkle, little, star.

How I wonder what you are!

The children are lovely, let us count the stars!

When I was young, I was singing this song and watching the stars in the night. It was a wonderful memory. See! Our parents came to the stage with the little oranges.

Every little orange is a little angel that God brings to us. Our family is full of love and hope. I hope that every little prince and princess can grow up happily and healthily.

WOW! Good music!!

It's so cool! As the lyrics say, "I am a good boy!"

Little oranges are really good! A cool dance stunned audience!!

Love is an invisible language

Love is the feeling

Love is our little wish

I hope you are safe and happy forever.

A song of little oranges is spreading the love, and all people are filled with love.

You want to pass the love and share to everyone...

No matter how far away it is

Love always comes on the day

Let love spread all over the earth like the warm sunshine


In the occasion of the new year, little oranges were prepared for the exciting part of the draw!

See! Who are we looking for?

Lovely Judy gave the prize to the little orange.

The little orange gained a lot today.

See so many little oranges and their parents

So what did our teacher bring us for the show?

The beautiful poetry of the artistic conception is expressed by the teachers' dance.

How amazing the scene is!

Teachers were amazing! ~

After watching the teachers’ Chinese dance, little oranges has brought us a English song...

The program of the new year's concert is wonderful!

The English song is really good!

Loud and clear songs

Full of expressiveness

The little oranges have surprised the whole world again!

In winter, the elks with a red hat red scarf are carrying a lot of gifts to the world.

The answer is in the next show of little oranges.

Haha It is Santa Claus!

Full of fun and wonderful English Drama

The story of the little snowman and the Christmas Teacher

It's fun!

Watching the lovely snowman, it is so lovely...



Foreign teachers

Dolls are really cute!

Very happy!


Foreign teachers are on the spot!

Wow! Full of enthusiasm!

Dense drums ignited the audience's passion!!

A passionate dance

A show of love

Love our Foreign teachers!

The mermaids symbolizes beauty

The mermaids symbolizes happiness

The little mermaids are coming!

It's so beautiful!

The little mermaids stretched their graceful bodies and showed us the extraordinary level of dance, which really makes our teachers and parents.

Follow my left hand

Is this a familiar song?

The teachers’ dance designed on the basis of morning exercises !

Smiling faces

Dance of vitality

Little oranges’ teachers are so invincible!

The program is over soon!

The wonderful program is really unforgettable!

We prepared delicious buffet to little oranges and their parents!

It's a lot of delicious food!

The master chef was wonderful

Music concert is about to end

Let's have a look at the wonderful moments of the day.

So many wonderful moments captured for our little oranges, our parents and teachers!

We will remember this moment.

We will cheer together.

We will have a happy New Year together!

At the same time, the performance of little oranges made all the teachers and parents red noses. They adapted to the stage performance just now when they entered to the school. In the past few months, our little oranges were growing so fast.

Cheers for our little oranges!

Encourages to our little oranges!

Supports for our little oranges!

Let's create the best environment for our little oranges to grow with love and hope to the world.

Looking forward to the next performance of Little Oranges Academy!!

Hat Birthday Party

 Hats can keep warm in the winter, shade our eyes in the summer, and protect our heads... In fact, hat has another function which is decoration, do you want to see different kinds of beautiful hats? Please come to the hat birthday party in Little Oranges Academy (Chaoyang Joy City Campus).

Magic "Crazy Hat"

Show time! Look at the secret in the hat - close your eyes, will miracles happen?

Happy birthday

Next, we invited the birthday boys and girls in November. Let's cut the cake, eat birthday noodles, sing birthday songs, and make a good birthday wish.

Happy birthday to you!

Little birthday cards, full of warm blessings, happy birthday to you!

Time flies, let us look forward to the next birthday party!