Know how to love yourself, love others, and love the environment.

Acceptance of children, work, life, and the world.

Sensible, honest, moderate, and approaching problems with an open & creative mind.

To be thankful for everyone in our lives: friends, parents, colleagues and leaders. These are the people who help shape and improve our lives.

Team work
Support each other as a team, with an open and positive attitude. And as a member of the Internet education industry, to cooperate with our colleagues and, together, create miracles.

Active dedication
Let the environment become better, because of our that the world will become a better place.


Little Oranges Academy is able to accurately capture each child’s developmental needs and tailor a unique learning program for any student. Our core concept is “learning form children". Our engineers work closely with teachers using technological software to recognize and assess the strengths and weaknesses of our children. While children grow up happily in a pleasant environment, their progress is recorded on our APP for parents to see and celebrate.


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