Founders’ story

1)Build a kindergarten for your children - CEO Yang Yun

Yang Yun, the co-founder of Yongche Inc., has been a pioneer in internet industry for many years. In August of 2014, at the age of 35, she finally came up with the most important person in her life, her son Yang Xiaobao. From the third month of Yang Xiaobao, she spent as much time as she could to take her son to swim, travel, and to have a deep & rich early education with as much company & support as possible.

She was quite concerned about her son's education while watching her son grow-up every day. She visited and inspected dozens of kindergartens, public and private school and international schools.

Although many public and international schools have good facilities, she still thought that something was missing. Then one day she met Lin La, a Chinese education expert, who founded the first Chinese-foreign cooperation school in

Beijing: Beijing Royal School and its kindergarten, Beijing Royal Kindergarten.

She finally understood that every child is a unique individual who has different talents and interests from the moment of birth. Unfortunately, though, this talent is often obliterated in standardized education. Most of the traditional kindergartens are centered on the principal and teachers and not the children. What she has always wanted is a child-centered education that can protect and develop the unique characteristics of children.

Strong and developmentally appropriate early education is critically important to children ages 2-6 years old! Therefore, she decided to establish a child-centered kindergarten for her son where she could keep tracking her child's growth through internet technology and tools. And Lin La became her school partner

First of all, a good environment for the kindergarten is essential. After much searching, she finally found a place for school in Tangquan Yishu with large indoor classrooms and a beautiful outdoor garden. Also, there is a century of ancient trees guarding the outdoor playground — and, there is an indoor children’s swimming pool.... And since the air in Beijing has been not good at times, the school has installed a state-of-the-art high standards fresh air purification system throughout the entire kindergarten.

School Director, Lin La, fully understands children’s health characteristics and preferences. She trusts children’s abilities and designed a whole floor for children to drill holes, etc. and to do role-playing. Outdoors are the playgrounds for children. Children's natures are to play; therefore, she made certain the school has a large sand box, swimming pool, trampoline, and outdoor arts and crafts area. She even brought some natural and handmade outdoor game materials from South Africa. 

In addition to the hardware, education concepts and teaching systems “software” are critically important. She invited another friend of hers, Prof. David Leonard (please see below), to develop a child-centered with internet data-based teaching system to record and assess the potential of children in the Montessori environment.

As a mother, she fully understands the needs and the feelings of a mother. With years of familiarity and understanding of mobile internet, she also developed a Kindergarten app system, so that parents can know their children’s states from the phone anytime and anywhere.

It also allows parents to learn about their children’s characteristics and the “ability model” of their appropriate age, as well as supporting the family in offering guidance to their children.

Lin La likes to say: “I am an Internet practitioner, building a kindergarten that subverts the traditional kindergartens with an Internet experience – for the benefit of children.”

She named the kindergarten "Little Oranges," because she felt that every child is like a small orange; always growing into a nutritious fruit one day.

2) The power of “SEE”: Let every child become the best they can be ---The president of education and chief director of the garden, Lena

(School Director, Lin La, the excellent principal of China, she has more than 13 years experiences in private international schools and Chinese-Foreign cooperation schools. As the principal of the first Cooperation School in Beijing, Beijing Royal School, she presided over all enrollment and established work for the kindergarten + primary & middle schools. Now, in large part to her efforts, Beijing Royal School enjoys great popularity. Her years of international kindergarten operation and management experiences are quite impressive!

She deeply understands the concept between Chinese and foreign education. Lin La is the first person to propose the educational cycle of "Observation-record-evaluation-guidance-growth" in China.)

Every child is an angel given to us by the God,

And our mission is to let people "see" the inner calling of these little angels.

In the future, they will become flowers, trees, sand and stones

Present a beautiful world full of flowers

Let every child become the best he/she can be.

We often hear an old Chinese saying goes "One can be seen how his adulthood could be when he is still 3 years old, and how his old age could be when he is 7 years old.", but in the eyes of ordinary people, the importance of early childhood education seems to be far less than the primary school, middle school and college education. And I chose my unique career in the international school. First, I worked as a high school teacher, then I worked as a primary school teacher, and finally I became a kindergarten teacher. Many people cannot understand why I had given up vice president's position and become a kindergarten principal which is not a prestigious post in the eyes of the others. Well for myself, I have seen many cases of children and teenagers from age of 3 to 18 and I have found that the performance of early childhood plays a critical role in the individual development of each children. Some childhood regrets, even the wounds, are never healed. So, I chose to give up "knowledge education" and start the career of "life education", to help teachers and parents "see" children and become a kindergarten principal.

In the past few years, various curriculum models have been transplanted from abroad to China in the field of early childhood education, and featured kindergartens and international kindergartens have been opened. However, when children grow up, many young parents face such a large number of admission options, they found that they do not know how to choose. I have been hoping to help more parents "see" their children, rather than to "see" the so-called "learning outcomes" which overtax their learning talent and desire for life; I hope to help parents "see" these injuries and damage to the children and stop the damage. In the kindergarten, I have observed some "problem child" who have transferred from other kindergartens, as long as we can "see" the damage, stop the damage and teach the children with the good method of ECH, after a few months the children will get rid of the problems gradually and will not become the problem students in the primary schools and middle schools.

The good kindergarten is not the mere popular dazzling appearance or words, is not the mere fashionable internationalization course, the real kindergarten should always belong to the children, it should always be the "children centered" happy place, the kindergarten should always see children. A good kindergarten should be a home full of love and warmth, an educational institution that values children's lifelong development.

In the Little Oranges Academy kindergarten, the teachers will not teach the children in a unified way, but 20 children can learn different courses according to their own interest at the same time. The teachers track and record the development of the children and give support for each child. In addition, our teacher will not repeat the advanced courses ad verbum, they will understand every child and "see" the need of children's development and make individualized courses for each child.

In the Little Orange Academy kindergarten, we will put the children as the protagonist and put the children as the cooperative objects, regards the environment as the third teachers, parents will be regarded as workmates, the teachers will be observer, recorder and the researcher. We know the child at this stage of learning should be comprehensive and should not be neglected, it should be close to life experience and it should not be far from reality; it should be respected and be guided, it should not be forced and expository teaching.

I am delighted to meet Ms. Yang Yun, founder of LOA kindergartens, and other team members. They are not only Mum and Dad of the Post-80s generation full of love who have a sound understanding of early childhood education, but also have a wealth of experience in the Internet industry, they have a good plan for the development of new technologies for preschool education. They want to create a unique kindergarten which is consistent with the law of infant development for their children and other children, similar to the ALT SCHOOL founded from the investment from the founder of FACEBOOK. LOA kindergarten is an Internet kindergarten founded by the cooperation of the Internet engineers and kindergarten teachers which is centred on "Children Active Learning". With the aid of the new technology, the teachers and parents will see the hidden development process of the children and help them become the best they can be.

3) External School Principal --- Prof. David Leonard

Educated at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, USA (where he also managed a project to provide support & supervision to second-career teachers in their first year of teaching) …. Director of the Sarah Lawrence Child Development Institute (where he worked with New York City-area teachers and coordinated the production of nationally-seen television programs on child development) …. Professor of Teacher Education at Concordia College-NY and Director of International Student Programs…. Literacy Specialist for the Save the Children Foundation…. And, Executive Board Member of the Gesell Institute of Child Development located at Yale University. David has over 30-years of experience in teaching, educational administration and program development related to children and parents.