Teaching Support

1) Observation: In our unique learning environment, each child works independently according to his or her interests and needs. Teachers can use the Little Oranges Teacher APP internet tool to observe children more effectively and professionally.

2) Documentation: The school APP has tens of thousands of observation templates based on the characteristics of each child. The APP helps teachers record the process and status of each child every day, supplemented by voice, text & photo data.

3) Assessment: The system provides professional evaluation and analysis, creating a unique educational program for each child.

4) Recommendation: According to the “ability model” analysis and evaluation, we can automatically and accurately generate personalized teaching plans for children. Visible Data sharing used in this capacity offers promising results: increasing and sustaining parent involvement and to improve learning.

5) Coaching: Teachers are able to access strong support from the large and user-friendly teaching materials library. This data base includes information from different teaching methods such as Montessori and Reggio Emelia etc. so that teachers can apply these methods, as appropriate, when working with individual children as well as the class as a whole (for example, approaches to classroom management).