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Little Oranges Academy’s Motto

We aim to set the bar higher both in teaching and learning. We work with parents to provide a happy and loving environment for children. We work with teachers to explore each child’s needs and talents. We are here to shape a better future for our children. We hope to develop our children with the qualities of social, emotional, creative, and problem-solving skills.

The best fatherly love for a child is that daddy loves mommy.

The progress of human civilization is a competition between education and disaster.

Children don’t become what you want, they become what they see you do.

Learning and experiencing natural consequences is the best way for kids to grow.

Children need to be given regular freedom rather than free rules.

Parenting Articles

(for example)

Why Little Oranges Academy (LOA) should not be an English-Immersion (only) School

                                         Prof. David Leonard

While LOA children should and will have significant time learning/practicing English, new material (for example, new math & science concepts) is better learned in the child’s first language and then later translated into English. Why? 

Learners -- even very young learners -- use contextual clues and prior knowledge when learning new concepts. This is better done in the child’s primary language since that is where the context exists. Additionally, the child is better able to use Metacognition strategies (that is, making connections which support higher-order thinking - sometimes thought of as “thinking about thinking”) in his or her first language while learning new concepts. 

After basic learning takes place, the child can then convert the knowledge into English. So as a young learner is developing English vocabulary, he/she will be able to understand concepts in both languages. By ultimately learning a second language, the child will have deep understanding which can vary across situations. However, basic understanding of concepts is best accomplished in the child’s primary language.

Family Education Activities

* Family is the most important education environment for children. Strong parent engagement in school increases student achievement and positive attitudes toward school.

* The most important thing to do is to establish a routine of open communication with your children at home. For example, carry out a 30-minute reading activity every night, when possible. It allows parents to understand and improve their child’s abilities in reading and speaking. The best way to grow with your children is to learn with them together.

* During holidays, parents can do things such as arts and crafts activities with your child. In the process of collaboration, you can observe your child's interests and give reasonable advice to him or her. It is a great way to help your child develop focus and patience. Also, it is simply a good idea for parents to spend “quality time” with your child.

* Take your child out for a walk every day. Pay attention to the surrounding sounds and imitate them with your child. You can even tell a story to your child with the sounds. This process can improve children's ability to imitate things and create stories and, more importantly, children can enjoy his or her family time with parents.

* Choose an item in the family’s home. Parents can describe the color, shape, texture and weight to the child. Let your child guess what it is. The child can also pick up an item and describe the physical details to the parent. Doing this encourages children to understand things through different “angles.”

Communication Channels

1) We Chat Group

Each class has its own We Chat group in which information & ideas can be easily communicated by parents and teachers. Teachers can not only update the latest information and announcements to parents, but also organize activities between children, parents, teachers, and our school.

2) APP update

Little Oranges Academy is an “Internet kindergarten.” We have our own APP system...and parents can download the APP to their phone. Teachers will upload their observations and reports on the APP when children's work is completed. This information will be synchronized to the parent version of APP, so that parents can understand their children’s learning progress through their mobile phone at any time. And if there is any problem, parents can leave a message on the APP. Teachers will reply to parents as soon as possible.